Princess of Africa and Goofy's fiancee, Zenobia first appears in 1986, in " Topolino e la regina d'Africa " (Topolino Piu' 6), by Romano Scarpa.

Zenobia appears for the first time in 1983, in the story of "Mickey Mouse and the African Queen" (Princess), Zenobia II, sovereign of a statelet Africa, who attempts, through dishonest methods, to make Goofy her husband. Subsequently, she abandons the throne, then reappears in 1984 in the story of "Mickey Mouse and the Leaping Frogs", where she is kidnapped by Pete, Trudy and Professor Portis, who want to know where to find the African kingdom and its treasures. A third story in the following year, 1985, "Mickey Mouse behind the curtain": Zenobia here is an actress, and is involved in the discovery of a Shakespeare's comedy, "The Taming of the Shrew."

In all three stories a love affair unfolds between Zenobia and Goofy, articulated through different modulation and not a few ambiguities. Initially enamored herself of Goofy, in later stories is gradually show nothing more than a strong liking.

Zenobia appears briefly in the newspaper strip stories: "Mickey and the Enigma of Brigaboom" (1989) and "Mickey and Wasp Men" (1991). In the second, in particular, the characters look like Zenobia both managed to make Goofy "more staid," less inclined to follow Mickey in every adventure (in fact in these two stories is born the partnership of Mickey Mouse and Bruto).

Zenobia left the group in 1992 in "Hello Minnotchka": at the end of the story he moved to Paris to help the former king of Selvanja, Ilja Topòvich in the management of his hotel with many regrets for Goofy and Zenobia.

Since then she has never appeared in any story, though Scarpa had declared that sooner or later she would make it back to Mickey Mouse stories. Zenobia does appear once amore, albeit fleetingly, in the story "The Theater Alambrah Presents: Misery and Nobility," published in Topolino 1955 where she is seen in the audience along with the other spectators. At the end of the show, Goofy is in his dressing room and finds a bouquet of flowers.