Zara is a Disney Princess, or rather EX-Princess appearing as the main antagonist in "Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey," a 2007 video game released for PlayStation 2, Wii and PC.

When a girl discovers a pixie and a cursed castle which was once home of a princess, the girl is explained by the pixie that she needs to go on a quest across the worlds of Princesses Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snow White. After rescuing the princesses' worlds, the girl has to come face to face with Zara, an ex-princess who is trying to stop every girl from taking her place as one. After Zara's defeat, the girl breaks the castle's curse and after remembering that she's the princess of the castle, she goes to Belle's world and solves problems there. The game has players completing several levels. According to the game, these 5 Disney Princesses also have friends of their own.

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