Three Little Pigs

KNOWN ALIASES: Practical, Fiddler & Fifer Pig.
KNOWN RELATIVES: Warthog (uncle); Raymond (cousin).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Li'l Bad Wolf; the Junior Woodchucks; Huey Dewey & Louie; Morty & Ferdie; Br'er "Riley" Rabbit; Li'l Bear Twins (Kubs & Klibs); Little Red Riding Hood; Br'er Owl.
KNOWN RIVALS: Big Bad Wolf (Zeke); Br'er Bear; Br'er Fox; Three Little Wolves.
PARAPHERNALIA: Fiddle (Fiddler); Flute (Fifer); Trowel & Hammer (Practical).
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Four Color" #52 in "Silly Symphonies: The Further Adventures of the Three Little Pigs" (Jan. 1936).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Three Little Pigs" (May 27, 1933).
VOICE ACTOR: Mary Moder (Fiddler); Dorothy Compton (Fifer) & Pinto Colvig (Practical).
SIGNATURE: "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!"
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Since their first appearance the young piglets known collectively as the Three Little Pigs have been the foils of Zeke, the Big Bad Wolf. Just wanting to live a peaceful life in the woods, each of the three brothers built themselves a house. The first two, Fiddler and Fifer, were foolish and lazy, wanting to play and sing instead of working all day. The third, Practical, warned his brothers against the wolf, but the wouldn't listen. Having built their homes of straw and wood, respectively, they were easily destroyed by the wolf. In terror the foolish duo fled to their brother's brick house, which stood firm against the wolf. Aside from their bouts of cunning and skill against the Big Bad Wolf, the Three Little Pigs enjoy playing with Zeke's own son, Li'l Bad Wolf. The four children are all members of the Junior Woodchucks along with Huey, Dewey & Louie. They are also friends with Little Red Riding Hood, and Kubs & Klibs, the Li'l Bear cub sons of Br'er Bear and Missus Bear. Although he has appeared in at least two comics in the USA, Li'l Bad's cousin Izzy Wolf and his Uncle Stef (Zeb) appear quite frequently in European Li'l Bad Wolf stories. The Bears have often come to the aid of the Pigs when provoked by the Big Bad Wolf. A more contemporary portrayal of the Three Little Pigs was depicted in an episode of Disney's Raw Toonage, in their experimental showcase called "Totally Tasteless Video" titled "The Porker's Court." This was a spoof on the once popular American program "The People's Court" where the "hipper" version of the Pigs take the Wolf to small claims court for a ruling by the presiding Judge Jump'n Jack Hopner (re: Judge Wopner) for the crime of destuction of personal property.
HISTORICAL FACTS: Based on a fairy tale published by Joseph Jacobs in "English Fairy Tales" (1890, originally collected by J. O. Halliwell in 1853). The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pig were some of the first characters to become superstars and rate sequential cartoons and comic book stories of their own.