Simba, "The Lion King"

KNOWN RELATIVES: Mufasa (father); Sirabe (mother); Nala (wife); Skar (uncle), Kiara (daughter), Kovu (son-in-law), Sarafina (mother-in-law).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
CITIZENSHIP: The Serengeti, Africa.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Timon; Pumbaa; Rafiki; Nala.
KNOWN RIVALS: Skar; Bonsai, Shenzi & Ed the Hyenas.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "The Lion King" (July 1994); may have appeared in "Disney Adventures Magazine" in stories other than the movie.
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "The Lion King" (June 15, 1994); Semi-regular in "The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa" series (Sep. 1995).
VOICE ACTOR: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (young Simba in "The Lion King"); Matthew Broderick (adult Simba in "The Lion King" & "Simba's Pride"); Cam Clark ("Timon & Pumbaa").
SIGNATURE: "Hakuna Matata!"
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Simba was the son of the King and Queen of a Serengeti lion Pride, Mufasa and Sarabi. As such he was heir to the throne. However, unknown to Simba, his uncle Skar was jealous and hated him. Naive Simba grew and learned from his father about the land and his place in the Great Circle of Life. And his best friend growing up was also his betrothed, a young lioness named Nala. One day Skar tricked Simba into waiting for his father in a dry ravine when Skar and the hyenas cause a wilderbeest stampede. Seeking to rescue his son, Mufasa leapt into the chaos and was stampeded to death. Taking advantage of Simba's grief Skar accused Simba of causing his father's death and convinced Simba to flee the Serengeti and hide his shame. Nearly dead from thirst he was revived by the a warthog named Pumbaa and a meerkat named Timon.  Timon & Pumbaa taught him their life philosophy, "Hakuna Matata," or to have "no worries" by living for the moment and forgetting about the past. They also taught him to eat insects instead of meerkats and warthogs. He grew into adulthood, completely forgetting that without him, his Pride was without it's rightful new king. Skar informed the Pride that both Mufasa and Simba had been killed in the stampede. Skar proclaimed himself the new king and formed an alliance with the lions' natural enemy, the hyenas. This created an awful mess with the circle of life, and soon the pride, and the rest of the Serengeti were starving. One fateful day Nala wandered outside of their territory and encountered Pumbaa. Intent on eating him she was stopped by a protective Simba. Suddenly in the midst of their fray he recognized her and she him. Realizing he was never dead, Simba is their rightful king, so she pleaded with him to return to the Pride and reclaim his throne. At first Simba refused, mostly because of his believed guilt over his father's death, but soon he realized it was the right thing to do. Upon returning he was mortified by the devastation of the Serengeti, but was ready to face his fears head on. His companions, Timon & Pumbaa came also. Simba challenged Skar and they faught, during which Skar admitted that he actually caused Mufasa's death and not Simba. This infuriated Simba who defeated Skar and banished him from the pride lands. It is believed that Skar's final fate was met by the attack of hyenas. Retaking his throne, Simba and Nala were married and soon had a young daughter, Kiara, who would eventually grow up and fall in love with Skar's own son, Kovu, but that's another story ("The Lion King II: Simba's Pride"). Simba and Nala occasionally appear in the animated series, "Timon & Pumbaa" and in comics based on their further adventures and childhood adventures.

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