Peter Pig

KNOWN RELATIVES: The Three Little Pigs (Fiddler, Fifer & Practical).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
CITIZENSHIP: Duckburg, Calisota, USA
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Mickey Mouse; Daisy Duck; Clarabelle Cow; Clara Cluck; Donald Duck; Goofy.
KNOWN RIVALS: John Gatto; Bad Pete.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Silly Symphonies" comic strip in "The Wise Little Hen" (Sep. 16, 1934.
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "The Wise Little Hen" (June 9, 1934 - Peter); most recently seen in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (June 22, 1988) where he appears as he did in the "Wise Little Hen.").
VOICE ACTOR: Clarence "Ducky" Nash ("The Wise Little Hen").
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: In his first appearance Peter is revealed to be slothful and greedy. Upon his introduction, in the studio release before the theatrical premiere of "The Wise Little Hen" it is said that the Three Little Pigs came to Walt Disney and asked him to find an acting role for their cousin, Peter. Walt agreed and Peter's career was launched. Unfortunately, perhaps because of his grating voice, he was outshined by another newcomer, Donald Duck. Peter's only other notable appearance was in "The Band Concert" where he plays the tuba, and another male pig (perhaps a relative) named Paddy Pig is seen playing the trumpet. In his few comic book appearances he often accompanied Donald Duck and both were employed at a newspaper company. His arch-rival was the crooked reporter John Gatto.
HISTORICAL FACTS: About Peter's film and comic career there is barely a whisper of information available anywhere, though tidbits can be found (i.e. "Mickey Mouse: His Life and Times" by Harper & Row Publishers). Thus it is left to fans to remember these long-lost barnyard friends of Mickey's.

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