Peg & Pistol Pete

KNOWN ALIASES: Mrs. Pete (Peg).
KNOWN RELATIVES: Pete (husband); P.J. (son); Pistol (daughter); Brig. General Robert E. Lee "Uncle Bob" Sparrowhawk (uncle).
KNOWN PETS: Chainsaw the Pekinese.
CITIZENSHIP: Spoonerville, USA.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Goofy; Pete; Pistol and P.J.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Disney's Junior Graphic Novel: Goof Troop" #nn (1992) in "The Power of Positive Goofing"
1st FILM APPEARANCE: Peg may have appeared briefly in "Father's Week End" (June 20, 1953); both are regulars on "Goof Troop" since the series premiere "Forever Goof/The Goof Neighbor" (Sep. 7, 1992).
VOICE ACTOR: April Winchell (Peg); Nancy Cartwright (Pistol).
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Apparently Peg, Pete and Goofy all met while in High School. Peg was a cheer leader on the school's pep squad along with Goofy, when she met the football all-star, Pete. Peg and Pete eventually married and Goofy, having met and married as well (?), moved out of Spoonerville. Years later, Peg is a real estate agent with her own agency: "Peg 'O My Heart Realty," and upon discovering Goofy, now a single dad, was returning to Spoonerville, she convinced him to move into the house next door to her own (much to Pete's chagrin). Peg is extremely independent and strong willed (one would have to be - married to Pete). While Pete is constantly conniving and only pretending to be Goofy's friend (for selfish and devious reasons), Peg and Goofy's friendship is genuine. Pete may rule the household with an iron fist, but she rules Pete (though he likes to believe otherwise). One can tell by Peg's not-so-subtle intonations toward Pete that she's had years of experience dealing with him (she's nobody's fool). She's aptly able to keep him in line, at least when she's around. Pistol is Peg and Pete's youngest child, and she is exceptionally precocious, hyperactive and talkative. She is remarkably intelligent for he pint-sized age. Pistol is also P.J.'s little nightmare. Like most younger siblings, Pistol is a pest as far as P.J. is concerned, and poor P.J. is forced, as one of his household chores, to actually play with her. However, P.J. really does love his little sister, and is always looking out for her best interests. She once had a "real" imaginary 'gal-pal' friend named Inkie who came from the planet Zarblat.  Max and P.J. convinced Pistol to give her up. Both Peg and Pistol are regulars in Disney's "GOOF TROOP."
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: In Italian Disney comics animator Romano Scarpa created an entirely different version of Pete's tough-as-nails life partner named Trudy van Tubb, who not only shared his shape and demeanor, but also his penchant for crime (something Peg would never do). Trudy looks much like a female version of Pete, akin to the aspects of Pete's mother and twin brother who have appeared in American comics (i.e., "Walt Disney's Comics & Stories" #336 - 338 in the Mickey Mouse serial "River Pirates" - Sep. - Nov. 1968). [?] One continuity possibility is that Trudy is actually Pete's former girlfriend, prior to marrying Peg. Imagine a battle between Peg and Trudy over the affections of Pete... guess who won.
WORKING THEORIES: [?] The names of Pete's wife and daughter were inspired by former aliases Pete has used; i.e., "Peg" -leg Pete (in many cartoons and comics) and "Pistol" Pete (in at least "Two Gun Goofy" and several comics - 1952).

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