P.J. aka "Pete Junior

KNOWN ALIASES: Pete, Jr.; Peej; Junior.
KNOWN RELATIVES: Pete (father); Peg (mother); Pistol (sister).
KNOWN PETS: Chainsaw the Pekinese.
CITIZENSHIP: Spoonerville, USA.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Max; Bobby (Robert Zimuruski); Rose Beckenbloom (girlfriend).
KNOWN RIVALS: Marty (school bully).
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" #21 (June, 1942) in the comicbook adaptation of "Bell Boy Donald"; "Disney's Colossal Comics" #9 in "Goof Troop: The Power of Positive Goofing" (1992) or "Disney Junior Graphic Novel: Goof Troop" #nn "The Power of Positive Goofing"
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Bellboy Donald" (Dec. 18, 1942); possibly in "Fathers are People" (Oct. 21, 1951) and "Father's Week End" (June 20, 1953); regular on "Goof Troop" since the series premiere "Forever Goof" (Sep. 7, 1992).
VOICE ACTOR: Clarence Nash ("Bellboy Donald"); Rob Paulsen ("Goof Troop").
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Perhaps even more than Max, P.J. has gone through a tremendous make-over. In his earliest appearance "Pete Junior" (as he was called in the comic book adaptation of the same story "Bell Boy Donald") was the troubled offspring of Bad Pete. Dressed like "Little Lord Fauntleroy," complete with lace, hat and knickers, he exhibited many of his father's sadistic traits. In "Bellboy Donald" Pete Junior, as the son of Senator Pete, tortured poor Donald Duck, eventually causing Donald to lose his job. In "Father's Week End." a "Geef" short, Pete, his wife and Pete Junior make a brief cameo when George Geef (Goofy) look's through his front window and sees Pete (as his boss) getting out of a car, naturally assuming he's come to visit. Geef rushes his wife and Goofy Junior to clean the house. However, Pete and family go to the next door house instead. Pete Junior is dressed similar to his first appearance. Upon reaching puberty, like Max, P.J.'s character has changed. No longer the spoiled brat (that role now belongs to his kid sister, Pistol), he's Max's chubby, shy and loyal friend. Unfortunately for P.J. he is still subject to the unrealistic expectations of his braggart and bullying father. Thankfully he has his mother, Peg (whom Pete fears), to help him out of most situations.