Milton the Cat

KNOWN ALIASES: Mistakenly called "Melvin" in one entry of Dave Smith's "Disney's A to Z" (re: "Puss-Cafe").
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Richard and another similar breed cat.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: perhaps the one-page gag from the Mickey Mouse daily strip fom 1949 (reprinted in "WDC&S" #145 from Oct. 1952).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Puss-Cafe" (June 9, 1950).
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Milton the Cat, while not obvious in his premiere film or his last, is apparently Mickey Mouse's pet cat as seen in "Cold Turkey" (Sep. 21, 1951) where Milton & Pluto are obvious housemates. Milton appears to have a similar body form to the Cinderella cat, Lucifer, but that is where the similarity ends. In "Puss-Cafe" (June 9, 1950) Milton and his pal Richard, another Siamese cat, wander into the yard where Pluto is sleeping and, like a veritable "all-you-can-eat" restaurant, Milton utilizes a garbage can lid as a serving tray and begins filling it with fish from the pond, birds from the yard and bottles of milk. A chase ensues and Pluto seems to be victorious until he stumbles upon another of Milton and Richard's feline friends, a rather large one. He's not particularly ferocious, like a typical cartoon cat, but he does seem to have a sadistic streak as seen in "Plutopia" (May 18, 1951) when Mickey takes Pluto to a cabin in the woods. Milton is already there. The sign on the cabin states that dogs are not allowed inside the cabin and must be tethered and muzzled. Before retiring for the night, Mickey feeds Pluto and closes the door leaving him tied up on the cabins front porch. This is when Milton's sadistic streak shows as he proceeds to slide Pluto's dog dish just beyond the reach of his leash, then eats his food while the famished Pluto watches in agony. Unfortunately Milton's torture of Pluto doesn't end there. In his establishing film, "Cold Turkey," Milton and Pluto are sleeping in front of the television when a commercial for Lurkey's Turkey comes on the set and, in a Pavlovian response, the two correctly assume that Mickey's freezer might have one. They find he does indeed and they stumble all over each other trying to get the bird. The two battle over who will be the winner and Milton ends up hiding it in the back of the television set which ends up cooking it, to a crisp. Angry at Milton, the two get into a fight, while the sportscaster on the television narrates a boxing match. Though it's not said, it could be imagined that, like so many other pets in Disney cartoons, Milton, while belonging to Mickey, often wanders about the neighborhood freely, and apparently in a pack with other cats. However, since Figaro was already established as part of Pluto's household much earlier, it is not clear why Milton was added to the cast since the roles could easily have been play by him instead.
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: Decades later, Milton would make his first appearance since Cold Turkey in the video game Epic Mickey. Milton makes a cameo appearance in the Plutopia based mini-level. He is voiced by Jim Backus.