Humphrey bear

KNOWN RELATIVES: (?) Humphrey Junior (son)
KNOWN PETS: unknown
CITIZENSHIP: Brownstone National Park, USA
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: The other park bears; J. Audubon Woodlore, the Ranger.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Silly Symphonies" #9 (Dell Giant - Feb. 1959, reprinted in Gold Key's "Walt Disney Comics Digest" #10 -Apr. 1969).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Hold that Pose" (unnamed bear - Nov. 3, 1950); "Rugged Bear" (named Humphrey - Oct. 23, 1953); "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" episode "Bearing Up Baby" (1989); and quite possibly in the "Goof Troop" episode "You Camp Take it With You" (unnamed bear and son who looks & acts very much like Humphrey).
VOICE ACTOR: Jack Hannah; Jimmy MacDonald; Frank Welker; Jim Cummings.
SIGNATURE: "Haaah." (self-satisfied expression commonly used by Humphrey); extremely frantic and bedraggled behavior.

Humphrey was not blessed with great intelligence, but he has enough sense to know when a situation can be easily misinterpreted. Unfortunately, because he often does things which he is expressly forbidden from doing (his feral instincts being the overriding force), he is often caught red-handed or, just as often, in a situation which is not as it appears. Therefore, the park Ranger, J. Audubon Woodlore is often scolding him. He is not very well liked by his fellow bears and this seems to cause him some difficulty concerning just how to act. His silliness has caused him to become an antagonist for Goofy and Donald Duck, and later even for Chip 'n Dale. In Humphrey's first film, "Hold that Pose" (1950), he is barely recognisable as the friendlier incarnation most viewer are familiar with, though one might account for his aggitation as a result of Goofy's inept photography when he intrudes on Mr. & Mrs. and Junior Bear during their supper, then proceeds to flash pictures. Needless to say, an angry Humphrey chases Goofy all the way back to his apartment. His next outing fared no better, in "Rugged Bear" (1953) when hunting season opens a frightened Humphrey hides in Donald's cabin, though he must endure the tortures of being a household rug until the season ends. His next film, "Grin and Bear it" (1954) introduces his new co-host for the rest of Humphrey's theatrical films, Ranger Woodlore: "Bearly Asleep" (1955), "Beezy Bear" (1955), "Hooked Bear" (1956) and "In the Bag" (1956), some of which also featured Donald Duck.

Humphrey also appeared in at least two comic book tales in the USA featuring the Ranger ("Silly Symphonies #9 and "Donald Duck Beach Party" #6), and a couple more in Europe (one in a Chip 'n Dale story and the other in a Grandma Duck story).

Humphrey was not seen for years in animation (though did appear in some comic book adventures) until the "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" episode "Bearing Up Baby" where he was essentially a main character. The Rescue Rangers were on vacation in the woods when a human couple, completely incompetent as parents, lose track of their son, Jeremy. When Humphrey saves the kid, the parents think Humphrey has kidnapped him and the Rescue Rangers end up having to save Humphrey while Humphrey is saving Jeremy. While some may question whether the bear actually is Humphrey the Bear, you might consider the fact that he looks like him, acts like him, and even sounds like him. Yet he most concrete proof is that on both the laserdisc and the VHS tape containing the episode, a brief description includes "...the Rescue Rangers are on a camping trip when they meet up with an old Disney favorite -- Humphrey the Bear!"

Humphrey was also a guest star on the "Goof Troop" episode "You Camp Take It With You." This time, Pete, Goofy and their sons, Max and P.J. go on a campout where they fail miserably at teaching their sons how to camp. Meanwhile Humphrey and his own son, Junior wander into the unmanned campsite and proceed to eat all of the campers' supplies. Humphrey is his same silly and frantic self until he discovers Junior has disappeared and assumes Pete & Goofy are going to make a bear rug of Junior. This infuriates Humphrey who attacks the elder campers. However, Junior has actually wandered off and befriended the boys. The boys return and all three sets of fathers and sons happily retire to roasting marshmellows over an open fire.

Humphrey returned to the screen in three new shorts on the 1999 series "Mickey Mouse Works": Donald's Grizzly Guest and Donald's Fish Fry reunite Humphrey with Donald Duck, and in Hot Tub Humphrey Humphrey is once again in the title role, alongside Ranger Woodlore. Humphrey was voiced by Jim Cummings.

He is also seen in various other shows like "Mickey's House of Mouse," "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," and "Minnie's Bow Toons."


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