Gyro Gearloose

GENUS PEDIGREE: Birdbeak (anthropomorphized chicken).
KNOWN ALIASES: "Dr. G" (of the D.I.A. a division of S.H.U.S.H.)
KNOWN RELATIVES: Fulton Gearloose (father); Ratchet Gearloose (grandfather); Newton (nephew).
KNOWN PETS: Little Bulb a.k.a. Li'l Helper (Gyro's microbot).
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: $crooge McDuck; Donald Duck; Huey, Dewey & Louie; Li'l Bulb/Helper; Grandma Duck; Newton (nephew); Matilda (girlfriend); J. Gander Hooter (S.H.U.S.H. Director).
KNOWN RIVALS: Emil Eagle; the Beagle Boys; Magica de Spell; Flintheart Glomgold.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Walt Disney's Comics & Stories" #140 in "Gladstone's Terrible Secret" (May 1952).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: Regular on the "DuckTales" since the 2 hr. television special and 5-part serial "DuckTales: Treasure of the Golden Suns" (Sep. 18, 1987).
SIGNATURE: Self proclaimed "Inventor of Everything."
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Gyro is Duckburg's wacky inventor. He's a gentle, passive soul who tries to invent things to make the world a better place. Nearly everyone from Mickey Mouse to Grandma Duck have sought Gyro's skills for one purpose or another, however, Gyro's inventions don't always maintain their created integrity, often becoming quite a disaster in the end. Though often under the exclusive employ of Uncle $crooge, Gyro is also a secret agent for the D.I.A. (Duckburg Intelligence Agency, which, ostensibly is a division of S.H.U.S.H.), under the secret name of "Dr. G.," where his skills are put to use for the government, especially against Dr. Nogood and the agents of F.O.W.L. (Foreign Organization for World Larceny). His role in S.H.U.S.H. seems to have been supplanted by Dr. Sara Bellum (also a chicken) in the series "DarkWing Duck." Gyro's arch-nemesis is the evil inventor Emil Eagle, though he is also menaced by others such as the Beagle Boys and Magica de Spell. Gyro seems to have had some trouble maintaining his weight in his early days, where he occasionally appeared quite hefty at times, but his primary aspect is slender. Gyro has several peculiar methods for clearing his mind and jolting to creative inspiration. One common method is to hop, upside down on his helmet which has a pogo-stick attached, and another is to strike himself in the head with at sledge hammer. Gyro's protege and nephew, Newton, often visits his workshop, and his creation called Little Helper (a.k.a. Li'l Bulb) can often be seen somewhere in Gyro's general vacinity doing something silly. A crane or long-beaked woman with a pony-tail hair-style named Matilda has appeared as Gyro's girlfriend and as a friend of Daisy Duck's in at least two stories (in WDC&S #310 in "Gyro Gearloose: The Real Cool Canoe" and Dell's FC "Daisy Duck's Diary" #948). Gyro is a regular on Disney's "DuckTales."
HISTORICAL FACTS: Gyro was a creation of the "Duck Man," Carl Barks.
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: In Brazilian comics Gyro is known as "Professor Pardal" (meaning Professor Sparrow), thus Gyro's species is changed from a chicken to a sparrow.