Fenton "GizmoDuck" Crackshell

KNOWN ALIASES: Fenton P. Crackshell
KNOWN RELATIVES: M'Ma Crackshell (mother).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: $crooge McDuck (employer); Gandra Dee (fiance); M'Ma Crackshell; Huey, Dewey & Louie; Webby Vanderquack; Launchpad McQuack.
KNOWN RIVALS: The Beagle Boys; Magica de Spell; Flintheart Glomgold.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Disney's Cartoon Tales: DuckTales - Dime After Dime" #nn (1992 - W.D. Publications) in the tale "The Littlest Gizmo-Duck" (KZ0890); and in "Disney's Colossal Comics Collection" #5 (1992 - Disney Comics, Colossal Comics was a digest format that reprinted material from various issues of "Disney Adventures Magazine" and assorted titles of Disney Comics) in the "DarkWing Duck" story called "Just Us Justice Ducks" (KJL010-1).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Magical World of Disney: Super DuckTales" 2 hr. special (Apr. 1989); regular on the "DuckTales" television series (Sep. 21, 1987); occasional guest-star in "DarkWing Duck" (Sep. 7, 1991).
VOICE ACTOR: Hamilton Camp ("DuckTales," "DarkWing Duck").
SIGNATURE: "Blatherin' Blatherskite!" (magical phrase that transforms him into Gizmo-Duck).
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Looking much like a milquetoast version of Donald Duck, he is not very brilliant, despite his occupations. As Fenton he is employed as $crooge McDuck's accountant, but as the super-heroic GizmoDuck he is $crooge's personal bodyguard, Duckburg's hometown hero and a member of the "Justice Ducks." However, since Fenton, even as GizmoDuck, is not the most decisive person, he is somewhat ineffective, and not quite the dread-inspiring superhero he thinks he is. His GizmoDuck armor was invented, of course, by Gyro Gearloose, and is activated by calling out "Blatherin' Blatherskite!" Only $crooge McDuck, Gyro and his mother know that Fenton is actually GizmoDuck. Fenton is also romantically involved with Uncle $crooge's factory receptionist, Gandra Dee. As GizmoDuck, Fenton is also a member of the Superhero group known collectively as the "Justice Ducks" under the leadership of DarkWing Duck, which also includes Launchpad McQuack. Fenton has not been the only perosn to wear the "GizmoDuck" armour. Launchpad wore it once while pretending to actually be GizmoDuck to throw off the media. Fenton's own mother,Mrs. Crackshell, has wore the suit at least twice, where she calls herself "Gizmo Ma'Ma." And, once, after Mrs. Crackshell accidentally shrank the suit, the Nephews and Webby, have also worn it, calling themselves the "Gizmo Kids," even defeating the Beagle Boys while doing so. GizmoDuck appeared regularly on "DuckTales" and an occassional guest star on "DarkWing Duck."

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