Dugan Duck (Pennino in Italian, or his original name Biquinho in Brazilian) is a fictional character of Disney comics - the grandson of Paperoga - created by the author Brazilian Waldyr Igayara de Souza for the publishing house Editora Abril.  Although designed in 1981, its first story published in a magazine is Biquinho, O Furacão Branco and Preto 1982. In Italy, this story was published with the title on the Mega Almanac superstar Pen - a Pen to be taken with the tongs only in 1986, after they were already out with other stories Pennino.

The first story he meets his uncle is Paperoga and the birth of Pennino (O Biquinho do Nascimento, originally published in 1982 and arrived in Italy in 1985), in which Gloria knows about the Pennino consulting a family tree.

Dugan Duck is a young duck, more or less the age of Heuy, Dewey & Louie; door a red cap similar to that of Paperoga and is playful and "troublemaker", sometimes more than his uncle. Often appear in the story the cat Malachi and the aforementioned Huey, Dewey & Louie.

Dugan's kinship with other Disney characters of the family of ducks is not clear: in fact, the character does not appear in the official family trees created by Carl Barks and Don Rosa.

In the original version of the aforementioned Fethry Duck and the birth of Dugan Fethry explains that was born from the egg laid by an unspecified his sister, who lived in a rural area in Duckburg. In the adaptation Italian there are nor references to his sister or his residence; Fethry tells the story of Dugan with a generic "I waited for my first grandchild ...".

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