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Daisy Duck

KNOWN ALIASES: Donna Duck; Super Daisy (Paperinika, her superhero identity)
KNOWN RELATIVES: April, May & June (nieces); Matilda (WDC #204), Drusilla (WDC #312), Tizzy (aunts); Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander, Gus Goose, Fethry Duck, Fred Duck (cousins); $crooge McDuck, Ludwig von Drake, Rumpus McFowl (uncles); Huey, Dewey & Louie (nephews); Cornelius Coot (founder of Duckburg; great-great-grandfather); Humperdink Duck (a.k.a. Grandpa Duck); Elvira Coot (a.k.a. Grandma Duck - Duck family matriarch).
KNOWN PETS: Trixie the Kitten; Knuckles the Iguana.
CITIZENSHIP: Duckburg, Calisota (USA)
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Donald Duck; Gladstone Gander; $crooge McDuck; Grandma Duck; April, May & June; Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Clarabelle Cow; Clara Cluck; Gwumpki the Cook; Ludwig von Drake; Dora Duck; Penny, Patty, T.J., Heather & Lilly (from "Minnie 'n Me").
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Donald Duck" Sunday comic strip (Nov. 4, 1940); then in "Large Feature Comic" #16 (June 1941); later in her own title "Daisy Duck's Diary" #1 ("Four-Color" #600 - Nov. 1954) which ran nine issues. First appearance of Super Daisy is in "Topolino" #906 in "Paperinika : Paperinika e il filo di Arianna" ("Super Daisy in The Blade of Arianna"?), Apr. 8, 1973.
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Don Donald" (1937 as Donna); "Mr. Duck Steps Out" (1940 as Daisy); regular on "Quack Pack" (1996).
VOICE ACTOR: Clarence "Ducky" Nash (as Donna); Ruth Peterson, Gloria Blondell and Tony Anselmo (early Daisy); Patricia Parris ("Mickey's Christmas Carol"); Kath Soucie ("Quack Pack").
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: In her film debut, "Don Donald" (1937), her name was Donna, though her very next appearance in "Mr. Duck Steps Out" (1940) her name is changed to Daisy. Daisy has always been considered a member of Donald Duck's family tree, but her actual branch has never been fully revealed. She actually does refer to Scrooge as "uncle" in at least in "Clothes Make the Duck" (US #32) and "Hall of the Mermaid Queen" (US #68), though her actual relation could be through the marriage of her unnamed brother to Donald Duck's sister Della. However, in an unpublished version of Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree she is the sister of the father of Huey, Dewey & Louie. She also has an unnamed/unseen sister ("WDC&S" #149 in the "Donald Duck" Flippism story, Feb. 1953) who is apparently the mother of April, May & June. Since her film debut she has been seen constantly riding Donald Duck to improve his irascible behavior and incomprehensible speech patterns. Several times Daisy is her own worst enemy when she sabatoges the apparent answers to her dreams of a changed Donald ("Cured Duck" -1945, "Donald's Dilemma" -1947 and "Donald's Dream Voice" -1948). In comics her role is more subdued and ridden with cultural stereotypes about women (i.e., poor driver, house cleaning, cooking, etc.). Her "Daisy Duck's Diary" and later, "Daisy and Donald" tales often co-featured Donald, Gladstone Gander or her nieces: April, May & June. She is oftend depicted as being fickle when trying to choose between her boyfriends Donald and his rival, Gladstone. In "Quack Pack" Daisy is presented as a much more assertive and liberated woman, and is working as a reporter for a local television news-magazine, where Donald is her long-time boyfriend and the show's cameraman. On that show she also has a pet iguana named Knuckles who seems to be a brainless omnivore who blithely goes about eating anything from automobile upholstery to priceless works of art. In comics Daisy is also a member of a local gossip group called the Chit-Chat Society which plays bridge and sponsors charity fund-raisers. The core membership seems to consist of Clarabelle Cow, Clara Cluck and Dora, though occasionally some other unnamed characters appear. Since the early 1970s, Daisy has become a crime-fighter as created by Giorgio Cavazzano and Guido Martina in Italian Disney comics. The character of Super Daisy (Paperinika) was designed as a female counter-part to Super Donald (Paperinik or Super Duck). Since the character of Super Donald was originally created to finally place Donald into situation where he was finally a "winner" (his usual, non-hero, portrayal was as a loser), when Super Daisy appeared in the same story she then became the "winner" and Donald was once more relagated to the role of "loser." This upset many children who complained to the editors. So in Italy they ceased creating stories with Super Daisy. But not in Brazil, where she continues her crime-fighting. As Super Daisy she has no super powers, but rather uses devices created by high society Fashion Designer Genialina Edy Son, who personally designed Daisy's costume, as well as supplying her with many of her inventions, like sleeping pills and a sports car "a la James Bond", etc. Very frequently Super Daisy will both fight with and against Super Donald. And in the stories made in Brazil she often teams-up with a many of Disney's other super heroes like Super Goof (Goofy) , Super Gilly (Gilbert), the Red Bat (Fethry), etc. According to the Minnie 'n Me storyline, in her youth, Daisy was a close companion to Minnie Mouse.
HISTORICAL FACTS: Regarded as last of the Sensational Six. Although the official word from Disney is that "Donna" is simply an early version or precursor of "Daisy," the British magazine "Mickey Mouse Weekly" actually featured a female duck named Donna with Donald in their comic from May to August 1937. Donna was later replaced as Donald's co-star by a sailor named Mac until May 1940.