Madam Clara Cluck

GENUS PEDIGREE: Birdbeak (anthropomorphized chicken)
KNOWN ALIASES: Clara the Hen; Madame Cluck.
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Daisy Duck; Clarabelle Cow; Horace Horsecollar; Rockhead Rooster; Dora Duck.
KNOWN RIVALS: unknown.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Mickey Mouse" Sunday strip (Apr. 25, 1937) where she was seen on a poster, but her first actual tale was in "Walt Disney's Comics & Stories" #34 in "Clara Cluck" (?); reprinted in WDC Digest #5.
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Orphan's Benefit" (Aug. 11, 1934).
VOICE ACTOR: Florence Gill
SIGNATURE: Clucking vocal sounds when attempting to sing.
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: The full bosomed Madam Cluck fancies herself a professional actress, Opera singer and cellist. Aside from her involvement in many civic causes, she is also a teacher at the school the Nephews attend. At least two stories have Gus Goose and Clara Cluck dating eachother. A previous boyfriend of hers was Rockhead Rooster, who may have been a version of Mickey Mouse's farmyard companion "Robert Rooster" who disappeared very early in his career. Clara is a member of Mickey's original farmyard gang and has been around since the beginning of his career, though her visible presence has been even less than that of Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar's, but more than Percy & Patricia Pigg's. Her first comic strip tale featured her employed as a Sitting Hen (WDC&S #34). Frustrated with her occupation she decides to leave. Jiminy Cricket, worried about her rash choice, decides to act as her conscience, and follows her to town. Upon arriving she tries out at a local talent show and supposedly earns a contract as a singer. Her agent, a wiley fox, invites her to dinner, only "she" turns out to be his intended meal. With Jiminy's help she flees back to the farm and resumes her role as a sitting hen. Later, the suave and handsome Panchito visits her farm and she becomes enamored in "Panchito" (WDC&S #38). He talks her into visiting his home town in Mexico where she decides he's not the man for her, but she loves Mexican food. Later, she helps out when "Thumper Plays Easter Rabbit" (WDC&S #55) by letting him borrow six of her eggs to deliver to Morty & Ferdie. Her most active role since then has been as a friend to Daisy Duck and a member of her "Chit Chat Society."
HISTORICAL FACTS: It is possible that Clara Cluck played the title role in the "Wise Little Hen" (June 9, 1934).