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GENUS PEDIGREE: Anthropomorphized chipmunks
KNOWN ALIASES: C&D or CND; Rubber Bando (Dale).
KNOWN RELATIVES: Zip 'n' Zap (nephews); Grandpa Chipmunk
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Clarice; Chi-Chi; Grandpa; Zip 'n' Zap; Gadget; Monterey Jack; Zipper the Fly; Plato the Policedog; Foxglove.
KNOWN RIVALS: Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Donald Duck; Goofy; Pluto; Bad Pete; Daisy Duck; Fat Cat; Mole; Mepps; Snout and Wart; Prof. Norton Nimnul; Mr. Klordane.
PARAPHERNALIA: The Gyroplane, the Rangermobile.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Walt Disney Comics & Stories" #69 (1946?) in "Pluto: Squatter's Rights"; more recently "Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers" #1 (June 1990 - Disney Comics).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Private Pluto" (Apr. 2, 1943 - as two unnamed chipmunks); "Chip 'an Dale" (Nov. 28, 1947 - finally named Chip 'n' Dale); regulars on "Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers" since the series premiere "Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers To The Rescue" (Sep. 30, 1989).
VOICE ACTOR: Jim MacDonald & Dessie Flynn (former); Tress McNeille & Corey Burton ("Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers").
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: In their first appearances they were indistinguishable, looking identical (very similar to Chip's common "pre-Rescue Rangers" appearance), but soon they took on different aspects and personalities. As they developed, Chip became the leader and Dale the follower. However, Dale does have very strong opinions and often does things his own way, much to Chip's dismay, and to Dale's peril. Chip is the smarter of the two, has a darker pelt, a black nose and one tooth; Dale is goofier, lighter in color, has a large red nose and two buck teeth. In the earliest days they were originally conceived as pesky annoyances for Donald Duck, and later the rest of Mickey Mouse's friends and foes. Their earliest acquaintances were two girlfriends that they both shared, Clarice and Chi-Chi (why they didn't just date one each is unknown). Clarice was a singer who first appeared in a Chip 'n' Dale cartoon ("Two Chips and a Miss" 1952), and later repeared many times in comics. Chi-Chi has only appeared in comics. They also shared twin nephews, Zip 'n' Zap, and had a common Grandpa (as well as other relatives), which raises the possibility that they are related, perhaps even brothers (they certainly act like siblings). Since the premiere of "Chip 'n Dal Rescue Rangers" (1989) Chip has begun wearing a safari hat and a bomber jacket, while Dale has taken to wearing a loud red and yellow Hawai'ian shirt, and they teamed up with two other rodents, Gadget and Monterey Jack, to fight crime and solve mysteries, and thwarth the evil plans of Fat Cat or Professor Nimnul. During their early career they have been the nuisance to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Minnie Mouse and Bad Pete, and headlining their own cartoons and comic books.
HISTORICAL FACTS: Originally created as pesky rodent menaces for the Fab 5, they became so endeared to audiences that they were elevated to stardom in their own right. More recently they have evolved from pure animals to a more anthropomorphic status, though they revert to form when in the presence of most humans. The idea for the "Rescue Rangers" was inspired by the film "The Rescuers" where Chip 'n' Dale were supposed to be a local branch of the "International Rescue Aid Society" (IRAS) of which Bernard & Miss Bianca are it's most famous agents. The final draft dropped all references to the IRAS and focused on tackling unsolved mysteries and mysterious oddball crimes. Dale once found a chunk of glowing meteorite which he wore and imbued him with elastic powers, and he called himself Rubber Bando.
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: Because of C&D's immense popularity, the Warner Bros. Studios created the "Goofy Gophers" designed to mock Disney's "Chip 'n' Dale," and were eventually even named "Mac 'n' Tosh."

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