Bonkers D. Bobcat

GENUS PEDIGREE: Catspaw (anthropomorphized bobcat).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Fawn Deer; Jitters A. Dogg; Fall A-part Rabbit; Toots the Horn; Mad Hatter & March Hare (from "Alice in Wonderland"); Miranda Wright; Lucky Piquel; Sgt. Frank Grating; Chief Leonard Kanifky; Marilyn Piquel; Tanya Trunk; Policecar Light; Broderick the Radio; Little Tick-Tock; Tuttle Turtle; Roderick Lizzard and Gilligan the Horse.
KNOWN RIVALS: Grumbles the Grizzly; The Collector & Mr. Doodles; Lillith DuPrave and Al Vermin.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "The Disney Afternoon" #1 in "Bonkers: Washday Blues" (Nov. 1994 - Marvel Comics).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Raw Toonage" (Sep. 19, 1992); "Going Bonkers/Gone Bonkers" (Sep. 3, 1993 - special introducing the "Bonkers" series - Sep. 6, 1993).
VOICE ACTOR: Jim Cummings
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Bonkers is a character that seems to have gone through three separate metamorphoses. His personality seems modeled after Roger Rabbit, and he even hails from Toon Town and is suppose to be partnered with a non-toon human detective reluctantly assigned to Hollywood Police Department's "Toon Division" (Lucky seems to be the counter of Detective Eddie Valiant of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"). Once a headliner for funny cartoon shorts at Wackytoons Studios, he's now an out-of-work toon-turned-detective. His first incarnation, in "He's Bonkers!" (on "Raw Toonage"), was that of a knobby-eared bobcat who was in love with his leading lady, Fawn Deer. He was almost never without his trusty companion, Jitters, usually facing the threats of his arch-rival Grumbles. Then, in his new series, simply called "Bonkers," still a knobby-eared bobcat, his new co-hosts were police officers Miranda Wright and Sergeant Grating under Chief Kanifky. Lastly he was given an entirely new origin was granted. Bonkers lost his knobs, and was partnered with Detective Lucky Piquel, Fall A-Part Rabbit and his seeming pet, Toots the Horn and even the Mad Hatter & March Hare from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland,", but remained under Chief Kanifky. For his second season the storyline was revamped, a new origin tale premiere as an hour long special "Going Bonkers/Gone Bonkers" which retold his tale of a down-and-out toon, though this time his friends (Fawn Deer, Jitters and others) were disappearing at the hands of the evil Collector. To solve the crime and rescue his friends he was teamed with detective, Lucky Piquel, still under Chief Kanifky, and this became the premise for the new format. The Lucky episodes are distinct as they present a physical change in Bonkers' appearance: he removes the knobs from his ears. While the Miranda Wright episodes of "Bonkers" (the series) were created first, the Lucky Piquel ones are supposed to come first in continuity. The last Lucky Piquel episode pairs Bonkers with Miranda as Lucky moves to Washington in order to become an FBI agent.

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