The Aracuan, "Clown of the Jungle"

KNOWN PETS: unknown
CITIZENSHIP: South American Rain Forest
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: Apparently his first newspaper comic strip in 1947, and his first comic book appearance was in 1985 (specifics are not known).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "The Three Caballeros" (Feb. 3, 1945).
VOICE ACTOR: Jose Oliveira
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: The Aracuan, is also called the "Clown of the Jungle" and first appeared in the feature film "The Three Caballeros" (1945); though, despite his apparent on-screen popularity, strangely he did not appear in the comicbook adaptation of that film. During the segment "Aves Raras" (or "rare birds") Donald Duck is watching a film about South American birds when the film's narrator introduces the Aracuan as "one of the most eccentric birds you have ever seen." The Aracuan proceeds to walk right out of the film along the projectors' light beam and into Donald's life. This crazy bird drives Donald nuts not only in this film, but again in the cartoon short "Clown of the Jungle" (1947), and then once more in the feature film "Melody Time" segment called "Blame it on the Samba" (1948) where he attempts to cheer up the "blue" (literally) Donald Duck and Jose Carioca. Like Panchito and Jose Carioca, the Aracuan's presence is primarily known only from these three films in the USA. However, he has found some success in comics from Brazil where he is known as Foliao. He surfaced briefly in some minor roles as a neighbor living in Jose Carioca's village. More recently he has manifested as a teenage companion to Dickie Duck, where he lives at a boarding school with her and other children in a series called "Os Adulescentes" ("The Teenagers"). This role is similar to the one played in the movies: causing wacky disasters, like Fethry Duck but even more silly. A curious thing seems to occur when these tales are translated and published by Italian Disney; it seems his name is translated sometimes as a male named Beckett, and other times as a female named Clotilde. This is most likely a mistake by the editorial staff who occasionally do not take the necessary care to ensure the correct names and colors are applied to minor characters. Whatever the name the character can certainly be expected to drive others crazy, despite his sincerity of effort.
HISTORICAL FACTS: Apparently his first newspaper comic strip in 1947 where it is know that Al Taliaferro was the creator, but in what form is unknown (perhaps he was a character appearing in the regular Jose Carioca newspaper stirp which was running about that time). His first comic book appearance was in Brazil in 1985 and were written by Arthur Faria Jr. and drawn by Luiz Podavin (the first one) and Roberto Fukue, and later reprinted in Italy. The exact comic is unknown.

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